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Bullying Prevention and Reporting

Navajo Elementary teaches our students appropriate positive behavior expectations at the beginning of every school year. These positive behavior supports and skills are reinforced throughout the school year. Students are recognized for demonstrating positive behaviors.

Our school counselor teaches students and staff about the differences between normal conflict and bullying. Students and staff learn how to report bullying.

What is bullying?

To qualify as bullying, the incident must involve an imbalance of power between the target and the student who acts aggressively. Bullying usually involves multiple incidences, and the aggressor and the target have drastically different reactions to the incident, and the target feels powerless to self-advocate.

If at any time, a student feels they are the target in a bully situation, the student should report it.

How to report a possible bullying incident:

  • All teachers have Bullying/Student Harassment Incident Report Forms.
  • Students may get this reporting form from their teacher or from the counselor.
  • Completed report forms should be turned in either to the teacher, or the counselor.
  • Parents are encouraged to report any incidents of bullying to the principal and/or the counselor.
  • The counselor and/or the principal will work with the student who has reported the incident to gather more information.
  • The counselor and/or the principal will investigate the incident without bringing the students together.
  • If disciplinary steps are warranted, the student who is bullying will be:
    • warned officially to stop offending.
    • advised that if the behavior does not stop, further disciplinary actions will be taken, which may include suspension from school or riding the bus.
    • if the behavior continues still, police will be involved.